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Caring for Your Pet Horse

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You might have heard of the saying, “a horse is a horse,’’ but for an owner, this four-legged creature is way more than just a horse! He is his teammate, healer and a special companion for life. It is a pure bond and love that they share and the owner will probably go to any lengths to provide his pet horse the best of care and nutrition.


Let’s have a look at the ways in which you can care for your pet horse:

  • Water: Your horse needs to be kept properly hydrated at all times. On an average, horses require 6-12 gallons every single day and we must make sure that they get fresh and clean water every time.
  • Dental Care: Get your horse’s teeth checked by a veterinary dentist at least once a year. If not checked then their teeth will become sharp and they might also suffer from different teeth and mouth injuries.
  • Vaccination: This is something that a lot of owners forget or feel that animal vaccinations ain’t that important. Viral respiratory diseases are very common in horses and therefore it is advisable you get them vaccinated at regular intervals.
  • Time with Fellow Horses: Horses are primarily herd animals. They find comfort and warmth in company of other horses. Try and take them to stables where they will freely be able to socialize with members of their tribe.
  • Training Time with Them: Training with your horses on one-on-one basis can be incredibly satisfying. However, you don’t have to train with them all by yourself… you can take help of a professional who will guide you and also suggest you some good Indian Veterinary Products.

Did you know?

Veterinary Drug Manufacturers in India manufactures more than 100 varieties of pharma products for horses.

  • Feed Supplements: It is important to feed your horses with good healthy food. Well fed horses won’t fall ill and high quality veterinary feed supplements in India can provide them support in a variety of areas, from healthy hooves to strong joints, and proper digestion to a shiny coat; feed supplements can work wonders for them.
  • Shelter: Horses can survive in both hot and cold conditions, but definitely not in extreme conditions. You should look to build a stable that is strong and sturdy. Shelters that will provide them shade from scorching sun in the summers and at the same time give them warmth during the cold chilly winters.
  • Worming: Worm your horses from time to time to prevent worms building up in their stomach and intestines and affecting their digestive system. Read the instructions carefully on the packet and never skip any dosage.

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